5″ Engineered Hand Scraped Montelena Elm

5″ Engineered Hand Scraped Montelena Elm

About the Color

Our Hand Scraped Montelena Russian Elm is a standout flooring and an excellent choice for any furnishing styles. With deep browns yielding to lighter, subtle greys, the character of this hardwood is truly one-of-a-kind. Russian Elm trees (Ulmus laevisis) are mostly found along river banks and are amongst one of the few trees that can tolerate waterlogged grounds, which is why they are considered to be a riparian tree. Being a riparian tree simply means that it is able to withstand continual flooding for over 100 days. This tree is native to Europe and parts of France, Finland, Bulgaria, Crimea and a small population is found in the Caucasus. This hard wood style will transform your home with its gorgeous textures and grains. The Montelena stain makes for a perfect complement to any decor. Our Hand Scraped Montelena Russian Elm flooring is an easy decision for the style-conscious homeowner.


About this Floor

This is a real wood engineered flooring product made from Russian elm. It has a beautiful Montelena stain with hand scraped planks that are finished in 9 coats of aluminum oxide. The planks have a tongue & groove construction that can be floated, glued or nailed down.

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Product Type Engineered
Connection Type Tongue & Groove
Finish9 Coats of Aluminum Oxide Style Hand Scraped
Color Sonoma
Species Elm
Collection Melissa II
Installation Float, Glue, Nail Floor
Care Guide Floor Care Guide
SF Per Box 26.05
Weight/SF 1.90 lbs.
Weight/Box 49.50

SKU GWI-F-0002

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