Product quantity:
All flooring materials are sold by the box /carton. Boxes / cartons are sold as full carton quantities no partial box / carton will be sold.

Buyer is responsible for flooring measurements. No Overhead Floor Store is not responsible for measurement errors.

All material deliveries are estimates. No Overhead Floor Store cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. Upon receipt of flooring materials buyer is responsible for verifying quantities, color, grade, finish, defects and any other quality issues. Claims for defects, damages and shortages must be made upon receipt of flooring material. No Overhead Floor Store recommends buyer to retain all mill codes and associated information from box/carton.

No Overhead Floor Store recommends buyer schedule the installation of flooring only after receipt and verification of flooring quantity and quality. All flooring installations must be performed in accordance with the instructions and industry standards. The subfloor and product must be fully acclimatized in the installation area prior to installing (NOFS recommends 3-14 days for acclimation). Buyer is responsible for verification of the moisture levels of both subfloor and flooring material prior installation. No Overhead Floor Store is not liable or responsible for damages, installation errors, negligence or mishandling of materials by the buyer or installer.

Returns and Exchanges: All returns must be within the first 30 days of receipt of flooring materials and are subject to 20% restocking fee. Exchanges with in the first 30 days of receipt of flooring material are permitted without a restocking fee. In addition, flooring trim and molding are not subject to a restocking fee. Returns and exchanges are not permitted on boxes / carton that have been opened or improperly stored, all flooring material must be in its original condition. Any flooring material that has been installed may not be exchanged or returned as it is considered accepted by the buyer. Related shipping costs for returns and exchanges are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Warranty: All No Overhead Floor Store products have structural, residential and commercial wear warranties. Vinyl has an additional waterproofing warranty. Warranties vary depending on use of flooring material. No Overhead Floor Store may, at its discretion, resolve a claim for a manufacturers defect in its entirety or partially by providing a store credit. No Overhead Floor Store shall not be responsible or liable, and buyer waives any claim, for indirect, Incidental or consequential damages arising from or related to No Overhead Floor Store sale of any products. Under no circumstances shall any liability of No Overhead Floor Store arising out of or relating to this transaction exceed the total cost of the products included in this invoice and paid for by the buyer.

Assumption and waiver of Liability: Notwithstanding any actions, assistance or advice provided by the No Overhead Floor Store and its employees, Buyer releases, waives, and discharges No Overhead Floor Store and its employees for any loss, damage, cost, expense and/or claim and shall indemnify, save and hold harmless same from any loss, injury, damage, cost, expense and /or claim relating to or arising out of loading, securing into or on the vehicle, transport and unloading of product.

Warning: Products can be heavy, awkward, and can exceed vehicles load capacity. Buyer should use safe lifting techniques and minimum of two able bodied people. Improper loading, unloading and transporting of product can result in serious injury, vehicle damage, impaired visibility or interference with driving, decreased or loss of vehicle stability and/or product falling from vehicle.

Personal information: Providing personal information is voluntary and not a condition of sale but no warranty, return or exchange is permitted unless buyer furnishes his/her name, address and telephone number at time of purchase.
Products on this invoice are being offered and sold by No Overhead Floor Store For written copied of limited product warranties, installation instructions, removal for contact list or additional information regarding your purchase, installation of flooring products visit the website

Payment methods: Credit or debit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, 50% deposit of funds is required for No Overhead Floor Store to order flooring material. Upon receipt of flooring material the remaining 50% of the balance is due.

Pricing: No Overhead Floor Store establishes pricing and conditions for all products offered.