Need someone you can trust to install your floor?

The No Overhead Floor Store offers a simple installation on all products we sell. We only use licensed bonded and insured installers. Our network of top quality installers are the best in the industry because flooring is what they do. Often choosing a good installer is the hardest part of the project and we know that so did the hard work for you.

Why use our installers?

1. Honesty is the best policy and that’s only who we allow on the team and in your home

2. Quality workmanship is what you deserve when you pay for a new floor so we use the best in the industry period

3. Price is extremely important and while we have the best anyone can find we believe you shouldn’t pay more than the average market price

4. Satisfaction guaranteed with all materials and workmanship our install team gives you one year warranty as most don’t offer anything

5. Safety & security is important to us as we know it is for you so we conduct background checks on all our affiliate installers

If you are in need of a good flooring installer just let us know and we will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE yes that’s true a FREE ESTIMATE with no obligation it’s up to you if you choose to go with us or someone else. We appreciate your business and don’t markup installation services because we want your experience to be the best in the industry so you tell everyone about the NO OVERHEAD FLOOR STORE.

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